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Pushing the Boundaries: Facilitation Frontiers  
Charles Sturt University, Bathurst - New South Wales, Australia
26-28 November 2008

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The Conference seeks to be 'people centred - planet conscious'.  
This is in line with contemporary practice for responsible travel, seeking a more authentic, challenging and inspiring experience which does not 'cost the earth' and does not adversely affect local communities.
Code Green published by Lonely Planet puts it this way: 
It's about a connection.  The connection you make with places of beauty.  The connection you make with people who lead very different lives to you.  And it's about making connections in a sustainable way, so that the same opportunities will be there for the future.
This is based on three defining principles:
  • tread lightly on the environment
  • immerse yourself in the culture; and 
  • have a positive economic benefit for the local community.   
The organisers are working in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, to employ a range of strategies.
The Sustainability Policy (‘Lighten the Load’) focuses on the environmental footprint of the event by:
  • reducing impact of the event, with attention to: 
    • minimising waste through the 4R’s (refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle) 
    • reducing energy consumption 
    • reducing water consumption 
  • offsetting impacts which cannot be avoided, choosing options to maximise environmental gain 
  • educating about, in, and for, the environment and heritage during the event 
  • maximising beneficial impact beyond the event with a legacy of environmental improvement and awareness  

The Healthy Community Policy focuses on the health & wellbeing of participants by working for a health promoting event, which:
  • is an inclusive event that encourages and supports diverse community participation 
  • promotes and models healthy behaviours and presents healthy choices as easy choices for everyone.


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