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Mark Butz of Futures by Design and Learnscapes draws on his varied and expansive background to offer capacity building, learning development and training. 
At the heart of his practice is a range of offerings centred on facilitation, communication, leadership, influencing, and negotiating
Being an active practitioner informs and continually enriches his training, going beyond a theoretical base to enable real-life application.
Mark Butz holds a Graduate Diploma of Facilitative Leadership (10444NAT) and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
is authorised to deliver the Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitative Leadership  Program, and he is recognised internationally as a Certified ToP Facilitator (CToPF).
He is a member of the Asia Pacific Institute of Learning & Performance.

Training is provided as in-house learning and development, or as public events by subscription (or a mix). 
Modular content enables these offerings to be tailored in pitch, format and duration to suit client needs in a range of physical settings and cultural contexts. 
Additionally, he supports design, delivery and evaluation of purpose-built
learning and development programs, with a particular focus on environment, heritage, and natural & cultural resource management from policy and legislation through to on-ground practices.

Training designed or delivered by Futures by Design emphasises:
  • adult learning principles
  • facilitated learning by doing; and 
  • follow-up coaching and mentoring to ensure effective application. 
To find out more about upcoming public courses, or to discuss possibilities in your area or organisation, please email.
Clients of our training are eligible to receive discounts on facilitation and consultancy services from Futures by Design


Photo Mark Butz

Facilitation training Mark Butz Futures by Design

Photo Mark Butz
 Photo Mark Butz
Photo Mark Butz

Facilitation training Mark Butz Futures by Design

Facilitation training Mark Butz Futures by Design

Facilitation training Mark Butz Futures by Design
Facilitation training Mark Butz Futures by Design
Facilitation training Mark Butz Futures by Design

Training packages can be assembled to meet client needs in a wide range of related skills and understandings. 
for this training include:

  • planning and leading productive meetings 
  • having conversations that matter 
  • asking questions that work 
  • delivering powerful presentations 
  • enhancing written communication and documentation 
  • giving and receiving constructive feedback 
  • building and strengthening connections and understanding  
  • influencing others, influencing outcomes
    - with integrity 
  • principled negotiation for lasting agreements 
  • designing and staging effective participatory events 
  • unblocking stakeholder and participant engagement  
  • developing enduring client/customer/ stakeholder relations 
  • building a learning organisation 
  • understanding and reshaping cultures and practices in teams and organisations 
  • unlocking creativity and innovation 
  • building personal and team capacity and performance 
  • fostering leadership at all levels 
  • coaching and mentoring
  • clarifying purpose 
  • building authenticity, respect and trust
  • uncovering, articulating and embedding  shared values and ethics 
  • envisioning desired futures 
  • analysing current underlying realities 
  • scanning political, environmental, social and technical contexts 
  • creating strategic direction 
  • expanding possibilities 
  • clarifying consequences and risk of decisions and actions
  • drawing on strengths/asset-based and
    appreciative approaches 
  • solving problems and resolving disagreements and conflicts 
  • defining program logic 
  • articulating performance stories 
  • surviving and thriving through change and conflict 
  • adaptive management  
  • building and maintaining networks and communities of practice 
  • sustaining self and others through work/life balance  
These applications are enabled through the comprehensive development program:
Out in Front
: The Way of the Facilitative Leader, presented by Futures by Design.  
Skill Sets & Practical Understandings  in this program include:

Relating, Influencing and Negotiating  From simple to complex 
From personal to organisational

For meaningful connections, expanded possibilities and enduring relationships  
Facilitation Fundamentals

[Introductory level]
From one-on-one to large groups
Small teams to whole organisations

For bringing out the best in people through dynamic human interaction 
Facilitating and Leading
in Groups

From one-on-one to large groups
Small teams to whole organisations

For bringing out the best in people through dynamic human interaction 
Embracing Diversity, Uncertainty and Change
Understanding yourself among others
Working with change from personal to organisational to societal levels

For principled leadership and performance in a complex world
Staying On Track    

Knowing and Showing:
- how well you do
- what difference you make
- how you respond
For improved performance and accountability
Finding Your Voice,
Hearing Others

Building and tapping your Emotional Intelligence
Having your say, being heard
Really hearing others
Giving and receiving multidirectional feedback
For effective and persuasive presentation, and respectful relationships
Bringing The Real You
to All You Do   

Accessing your multidimensional self, your values and passions 
Walking the talk
Defining your singular contribution and legacy

For personal activation, effectiveness, integrity and authenticity
Learning to Learn  

Building capacity and value through social learning
Cultivating communities of practice and interest

For enhanced group energy, responsiveness and evolution 
Breaking New Ground 

Connecting with your inspirational edge
Failing productively 
Unblocking performance 

For serious creativity and innovation
Adapting, Surviving and Thriving 

Accessing and harnessing your inner resources
Being on the front foot
(for the long haul) 

For resilience and adaptabilty through testing times  
Being a Facilitative Leader
Being comprehensive, affirmative, ethical, courageous
For personal effectiveness,  integrity and authenticity at the cutting edge of change
To enquire about training in these or other related skill sets, please email for information.


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Information submitted to us will not be provided to a third party without the permission of the supplier.  

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