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Leadership development involves several dimensions:

Doing - Building experience, skills and capabilities
Knowing - Acquisition of knowledge and understanding about the leadership role 

Being - The stances or inner convictions from which a leadership role is exercised

Being a Facilitative Leader is about exploring the practice of leadership, and particularly some foundational understandings about the Being dimension of leadership.
It asserts that leadership is intrinsic, and therefore can be exercised wherever we are, in whatever situation.
It is about a style of leadership which is anchored in our authenticity - who we really are and how we really relate to the world.
It asks participants to bring an open, enquiring mind and a willingness to explore the questions, events and experiences of our lives, particularly in our roles of leadership.

Being a Facilitative Leader is for experienced facilitators and leaders who wish to explore and enhance their effectivess in the leadership role. 
It is suitable for those with sufficient competence to be able to connect the use of facilitation methods with internal experiences of the participant, and interpret appropriate facilitative leadership responses.
Being a Facilitative Leader is part of the Practical Skill Sets & Understandings of the comprehensive development program:
Out in Front
: The Way of the Facilitative Leader, presented by Futures by DesignDownload a brochure - pdf pdf
Download a brochure on Being a Facilitative Leader  pdf pdf
To find out about upcoming courses, or to explore possibilities in your area or organisation, please email.
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Photo Mark Butz
 Photo Mark Butz
Futures by Design

 Photo Mark Butz 

Mark Butz Futures by Design

Photo Mark Butz
Photo Mark Butz
Image Mark Butz Futures by Design
Image Mark Butz Futures by Design
Photo Mark Butz Futures by Design
Photo Mark Butz

Mark Butz Futures by Design


The program includes:
  • a core of two and a half days of face-to-face interactive delivery and reflection 
  • a resource pack and workbook; and 
  • a degree of coaching and mentoring to enhance application of learning.
The being dimensions of leadership - foundational concepts
Reflective practice

Being comprehensive
Seeing and understanding the whole picture (internally & externally)
without being overwhelmed or paralysed 
Being affirmative  Embracing the whole - the past for its lessons, the present as it is,
and the future for its possibilities
Being responsible
Accepting responsibility for making ethical choices on behalf of the future; doing what needs to be done
Being courageous Working at the cutting edge, in the now, to create the future
- proactive, collaborative, solution-focused, working at depth 

Summoning the courage to act for change
Consolidating internal experiences,
roles & responsibilities
Real-life applications
Interactive delivery
is by highly experienced facilitators who have demonstrated skills in adult training and learning support, and direct experience in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. 
The leaders have delivered forms of this program in
Australia, India and Thailand.

Experiential and adult learning principles support the application of models and conceptual frameworks by grounding these in actual work and life projects of participants.  This builds confidence in the continued use of the models and conceptual frameworks, and deepens understanding of the profound role participants can play in leading change.
As a result of experiencing the Practical Skill Sets & Understandings, each participant can expect to gain models and conceptual frameworks for:
  • conducting deep reflection on work or life events and experiences, and the learnings they offer
  • bringing a comprehensive perspective to thinking about, and responding to, situations
  • making responsible decisions in tough, challenging situations
  • adopting a future-oriented, solution-focused leadership style
Participants can expect to understand that:
  • external life events and experiences are parallelled by an internal experience
  • the practice of facilitative leadership is about bringing consciousness to those interior experiences
  • facilitative leadership is a role we can choose as well as a position we can be given

Participants can expect to experience:

  • a kind of personal retreat - reflecting deeply on events and experiences of our personal and work lives
  • a state of mind that enables our conscious choice to play a facilitative leadership role
At the end of the program each participant will have a statement of attendance, a set of notes, and proposals for application and practice of their learnings in real-life situations. 
Participants will also have access to mentoring from highly experienced facilitative leaders. 

Material addressed or presented in the training is primarily drawn from the Technology of Participation™ (ToP) with a wide range of practical models of human behaviour, communication, group dynamics and learning, to deepen understanding, assist in diagnosis and design, and encourage application.
Actual material addressed in any event will vary in response to the needs and expressed interests of participants.

The leaders are authorised to deliver Technology of Participation (ToP) content.  
Participants who complete the practical skill sets of Being A Facilitative Leader will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance at
Facilitative Leadership Program Module 7 Being a Facilitative Leader. 

Completion of the Facilitative Leadership Program is a requirement for being assessed as a Certified ToP Facilitator

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See Testimonials on Practice for participant feedback  

Clients of our training are eligible to receive discounts on facilitation and consultancy services from
Futures by Design

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